by MV & EE

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    private press LP, limited edition of 600 on our own CHILD OF MICROTONES label. heavy duty vinyl, produced in SPECTRASOUND and lovingly printed by VGkids with deep denim blueblack and metallic silver ink. really nice bags. it is also available via a limited edition of 99 cdr and digital download via midheaven/revolver.

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    edition of 600 

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  • Compact Disc (CD)

    bonus jam with willie lane, john moloney, sparrow "prisma" wildchild, spanish wolfman, chris "video nasties" livengood, janane "visitations" tripp, and nemo that is not on the LP! nice offset/handprinted cd covers with insert...

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poorly lit basements, slow moving compost, hick smoke…sticky green and the sounds of the travelers plugged in and unplugged. masterful sounding strings, so you can't figure out these fingerbusters -> those are my earliest memories of MV & EE. maybe they're everybody's who ever got into this incredible duo.
time was the tower recordings kick, which was ahead of the curve and behind the fi. to some MV was best celebrated alone but he doesn't think so…"i always thought the TR was greater than the sum of its parts…". yet valentine is a mystery best celebrated via the totality of his work, i met him in the food coop in brattleboro, i was so in awe. you can guess then how we all feel about this first album he and erika have made for C.O.M….sure, other deep fund/FUNK from child of microtones has seen deification on wax (of course they look, sound and radiate on cdr) but this is perhaps what MV & EE's work has needed for some time. a new way of hearing in an old familiar setting, fresh spectrasound COMing to life. it is adventurous, it is awe-inspiring and it is gonna be a classic. hear "YOU" the way it is now…hear what is here…hear "roll on", see the trailer. get hip to the drone and film double wide if you are that kind, ratios. if u r not that kind you probably are best sticking to youtube and mp3. i want my MTV, the official vid promo should be seen in all global villages. hear all the heads (spanish wolfman, tim barnes, doc dunn, muskox, the doozer, ged gengras, orion, paesano adam, janane tripp, chris livin'good, rafi bookstaber, paulie G, jeremy earl, mick flower…DIG the cd payload that also features willie lane, nemo, sparrow wildchild & john moloney…merch it) , super mag, it sounds real good…marvel all the way. MV produced this one, all over the place people were true. "ALPHA LYRAE" travels well and lights the way. there is alotta expanse up there…an album to love and jettison all baggage but yr own.

- coot moon

"Some people have a hard time picking sides, not me, not here: I'll take the flip. It starts high on the crazy horse, all gallop and fuzz, and begins to fray in the most glorious way. When the tambourine starts to shake, the jam goes to shambles — they coulda let it in, coulda make some rock heroism out of it, but they let it soak, standing outside, staring through the window as the storm rages on. It's one of those moments that makes it real clear why MV&EE end up on bills with boundary pushers as often as mellow jammers. Of course, matt and erika being who they are and doing what they do, bring it back home, nice and comfortable like a loaned drug rug on a cold night, with some song stylings that showcase finger picking and ghostly harmonies and that inimitable siren's wail of EE's slide. I've got plenty of shelf space given over to the road ramblings of the various incarnations of their band, but the studio outings are always something special, and this one gets better with every spin."

- peter meehan/lucky peach
(NYC 2014)

"brother...u've outdone yrself on the 'alpha'...this is one of the best sounding records i've heard in forever...y've taken it all to another…"

- matthew "doc" dunn
(the wolfking of TO/2014)


released August 18, 2014

Matt “MV” Valentine
vocal, vocal harmony, acoustic & electric
guitars, bass, drum programming,
percussion, dov_bantar, tambura,
electronic tabla, moog, vocoder, prophet
600, oscillators, swarsangam
Erika “EE” Elder
vocal, vocal harmony, lap steel,
mandolin, electric firebird mandolin,
autoharp, tambura, ethereal dialpad,
crucible fuzz, frequencies
special guests THE GOLDEN ROAD -
mike MUSKOX smith - moog/clavinet (YOU),
bass (ROLL ON)
simon “THE DOOZER” loynes - harmony
vocal (YOU)
tim barnes - drums (BOO WOE)
doc dunn - drums (ROLL ON)
marc wolf (SPANISH WOLFMAN) - rhodes
(BOO WOE) + linn 9000, hammond organ,
electric bass, drums (BOO JAM) drums,
hammond organ, hofner bass, pianet, ondes
martentot, EMS Synthi, shaker (RETURN
rafi bookstaber - electric guitar (RFTS)
paulie G - vocal harmony/space whisper
orion russell - “acoustic” drums
“chorus” 3 (starchild)
adam “paesano” langellotti - percussion
ged gengras - moog/modular synth (BOO
jeremy earl - percussion (RFTS)
tambourine (ROLL ON)
mick flower - space drums (RFTS)
willie lane - guitar (BOO JAM)
john moloney - drums (BOO JAM)
chris livengood - bass (BOO JAM)
janane tripp - vocals (BOO JAM)
sparrow wildchild - vocals/flute (BOO JAM)
nemo bidstrup - guitar (BOO JAM)
coot moon - drums (MAYAN FEEDBACK),
risset drum (RFTS), spectrasound
assistant/audio janitor (ALL SELECTIONS)
maximum arousal farm (guilford, VT)
all set coin (toronto, ON)
al-rehab mobile (fes, MOROCCO)
maximum arousal farm
the manor (toronto, ON)
bank row (greenfield, MA)
bisquiteen (amherst, MA)
green machines II (East LA, CA)
buttermilk falls (warwick, NY)
maximum arousal farm
BOO WOE (when it’s all gone) -> JAM
maximum arousal farm
green machines II
la maison des eaux grises (louisville, KY)
dreamflower north (goldens bridge, NY)
st. lawrence church (portland, ME)
maximum arousal farm
dreamflower north
flowerhouse (leeds, UK)
all songs p & c child of microtones
all rights reserved
mick flower appears
courtesy of FLOWERHOUSE
jeremy earl (WOODSIST)
tim barnes (QUAKEBASKET)
rafi bookstaber (HUMITO)
paulie G (donkey disk)
the doozer (AL-REHAB)
m. geddes gengras (PECCANT TAPES)
doc dunn (COSMIC RANGE)
visitations & prisma (TIME-LAG)
drona parva (TIME-LAG)
willie lane (CORD-ART)
john moloney (MANHAND)
engineers -
coot moon (maximum arousal farm)
dawn rider (maximum arousal farm)
james anderson (the manor)
justin pizzoferrato (bisquiteen/bank row)
dutch tenor (dreamflower north)
warren gray (la maison des eaux grises)
brendan evans (st. lawrence church)
gregor at the controls (all set coin)
much obliged - mick flower, carson
arnold, canada goose, p.g. six, matt
“HERBCRAFT” lajoie, tim barnes, scott
davis, marc wolf, willie lane, three
lobed recordings, jeremy earl, blackest
rainbow, volcanic tongue, cristian ceia,
gary held, samara lubelski, john moloney,
peter meehan, spectre folk, visitations,
prisma, J mascis, ayal senior, ged
gengras, lois tresize, emily batchelder,
ron schneiderman, brandi solomon, aurora
ferrara, home comfort, zuma
cover photo/stim/source:
michael schmelling



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